The aim of this conference is to review recent advances in astroparticle physics. The main focus shall be on high-energy cosmic ray particles and their sources. Reviews and recent results of direct cosmic ray measurements and multi-wavelength and multi-messenger observations of astrophysical sources of high-energy particles and radiation will be presented. The meeting will also report on novel advancements in theory and modeling of particle acceleration processes as well as testing cosmic ray acceleration in plasma physics laboratory experiments.

Topics include:

  • High-energy cosmic rays
  • Gamma-ray astronomy
  • Gravitational waves
  • Astrophysical neutrinos
  • Particle acceleration
  • Laboratory astroplasma physics

Invited Speakers:

Scientific Organizing Committee:

Chris Van Den Broeck(GRASP)
Tomasz Bulik(UW)
Zhen Cao(IHEP)
Ralph Engel (KIT)
Francis Halzen(UMW)
Werner Hofmann(MPIK)
Masahiro Hoshino(UTokyo)
Stanisław Jadach(IFJ PAN)
Marek Jeżabek(IFJ PAN)
Karl-Heinz Kampert (Uni. Wuppertal)
Teresa Montaruli(UNIGE)
Subir Sarkar(OU)
Maciej Skrzypek(IFJ PAN)
Łukasz Stawarz(UJ)

Local Organizing Committee:

Jacek Niemiec(IFJ PAN, chair)
Dariusz Góra (IFJ PAN)
Tadeusz Lesiak (IFJ PAN)
Andrzej Siódmok (IFJ PAN)
Henryk Wilczyński (IFJ PAN)


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