6 - 9 January 2000, Cracow, Poland

Friday, 7.01.2000
8:00-9:00   Registration
Session 1.
  Chairman: M. Jezabek
9:00-9:05 A. Budzanowski Opening
9:05-10:05 D. Kiełczewska Recent Results from SuperKamiokande and K2K
10:05-10:50 J. Bonn Neutrino Mass from Tritium Beta Decay: Present Limits and Perspectives
10:50-11:15   Coffee break and registration
Session 2.
  Chairman: K. Fiałkowski
11:15-12:00 J. Kleinfeller Recent Results from KARMEN
12:00-12:45 Y. Declais Neutrino Oscillation Search at Reactors - Experimental Status
12:45-15:00   Lunch break and registration
Session 3.
  Chairman: H. Fritzsch
15:00-15:45 F. Feruglio Theory of Neutrino Masses
15:45-16:30 E. Kolbe Neutrino Induced Reactions on Nuclei in the Lab and in Stars
16:30-17:00   Coffee break
Session 4.
  Chairman: K. Zalewski
17:00-17:45 S. Lola Neutrino Masses and Interactions in the Light of SuperKamiokande
17:45-18:15 A. Stasto Low x QCD and Penetration of Ultrahigh Energy Neutrinos through Earth

Saturday, 8.01.2000
Session 1.
  Chairman: J. Steinberger
9:00-9:45 A. Rubbia Longbaseline Accelerator Neutrino Experiments: Present and Future
9:45-10:30 S. Katsanevas Measuring the Leptonic Mixing Matrix: the Role of the OPERA Detector and the Gran Sasso Program
10:30-11:00   Coffee break
Session 2.
  Chairman: Y. Declais
11:00-11:45 A. Para Status of Neutrino Experiments in US
11:45-12:30 R. Edgecock Muon Colliders and Neutrinos
12:30-16:45   Lunch and excursion to Jagellonian University Museum
Session 3.
  Chairman: A. Białas
16:45-17:30 S. Pokorski Quantum Corrections to Neutrino Masses and Mixing
17:30-18:15 H. Fritzsch Quark Flavor Mixing as a Guideline for Neutrino Oscillations
19:00-22:00   Conference dinner

Sunday, 9.01.2000
Session 1.
  Chairman: S. Pokorski
9:15-10:00 M. Zra�ek Experimental Constraints for Dirac Neutrinos
10:00-10:30   Coffee break
Session 2.
  Chairman: A. Rubbia
10:30-11:15 W. Dziembowski Neutrinos and Solar Models
11:15-12:00 H. Wilczynski Neutrinos in the Pierre Auger Experiment
Session 3.
  Chairman: A. Hrynkiewicz
12:00-13:00 J. Steinberger Neutrinos, Learning About Them and From Them
13:00   End of the Conference

The Epiphany Conference 2000