The Cracow Epiphany Conference has had a different topic every year. The series started in 1995. By bringing in new subjects and inviting new participants every year the meetings offer a general forum to discuss the frontiers of physics. The number of participants is about one hundred and there are twenty to thirty invited talks.


The conference will be held in the Institute of Physics, Jagellonian University, ul. Reymonta 4, Cracow, Poland. Participation by invitation only. Persons interested in attending the conference and in getting help with accommodation in Cracow please send e-mail to preferably before December 10, 1999.


Cracow (Kraków) - Poland's former capital city - is a center of Polish intellectual and artistic life. For its unique urban and architectural values the city is quite exceptional. Its Jagellonian University was founded in 1364. Cracow has today a population of 800 000. In recent years hundreds of new pubs, cafes, jazz clubs and restaurants have opened in the old center of Cracow.
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You will be lodged in the University Guesthouses at 7a Garbarska street ( Bursa Pigonia located in the courtyard behind the building #7, tel. 422-30-08) or at 49 Florianska street, tel 421-12-25. Garbarska street is only two streetcar stops (#4 and 12) from the Main Train Station. Florianska street is in the very old town, within a walking distance from the Main Train Station. Accommodation will be in single rooms (for families in double) with breakfast. The Institute of Physics is located at 4 Reymonta street within 20-25 min. walk from the Guesthouses. Please, note that number of rooms is limited, especially at Florianska street.

If you arrive to Cracow by plane, you can reach the town by taxi (approximate price 40 - 50 złoty ( i.e. approximately DM 18 - DM 22) or get to the Main Train Station by busses 152 and 208.

If you decide to come via Warsaw we give you some information concerning public transportation and train connections to Cracow. The most convenient connection between the Warsaw airport and the central train station is provided by the City-Airport bus service. The bus stop is right at the exit from the arrival hall on your right side. Get off at the Warszawa Centralna train station, which is just opposite to the Warsaw Marriot Hotel. Alternatively you can take the regular city bus #175. Taxis have a tendency to overcharge foreigners.

There is a number of Express and Intercity trains from Warsaw to Cracow. Departure times from Warszawa Centralna:
6:15, 7:15, 8:15, 9:15, 10:15, 13:15, 14.15, 16:15, 17:15, 18:15;
arrival at the Kraków Główny railway station in approx. 2 hrs. 35 min. Be aware of pick-pockets, they are very active, mostly at the train stations.

The exchange rate for polish złoty is now approximately: 1 USD = 4.1 zł, 1 DM = 2.2 zł. In addition to the regular banks there are many exchange offices called "Kantor wymiany walut" (some of them open also on Sundays), where you can exchange money. Major credit cards are commonly accepted in most restaurants and gift shops; travellers cheques and Eurocheques can be cashed in the PKO Bank (Eu-cheques also at some major Post Offices). You may have problems, however, to cash cheques on weekends, when the banks are closed. ATM cash machines are becoming popular but still not always reliable.

If you wish to use city transportation in Cracow you have to buy tickets in advance in newsstands called "kiosk" or "Ruch". Price of one ticket is 1.50 zł for sub-urban lines (numbers 201-299) 2.40 zł. You have to punch the ticket immediately after you get on a bus or on a tram. (You have to punch ticket for each large luggage as well!). Daily and weekly tickets are also available.
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